Helping teams
on their journey toward success

Why we exist

At Connecting Colours, we are passionate about helping teams succeed. Empowering them to reach new heights together whatever their starting point. Individuals in a team can be at a wide range of different points on their journey. Using our wealth of experience and expertise in this area, we help the team and the individuals grow. Explore our world

How we work

Whether your team is just forming at basecamp, storming and norming their way up, or established and performing near the summit, together we’ll reach peaks that you thought were beyond your reach. We weave team development models such as Tuckman and Lencioni into our recipe for success, adding our unique blend of practical, dynamic and outcome focused solutions to address real issues. View our team model

What we offer

Underpinned by the Insights Discovery model. Whether we are helping you to create, improve or engage your team, we draw on our portfolio of Insights Discovery products to make the learning safe, act as a catalyst for further development and make it stick. Read our portfolio


Why this style?
Mountains and expeditions act as a
great metaphor for team development!